Trading Of Chillies Resumes – Guntur Agriculture Market Yard Introduction Of e-NAM

Trading of Chillies Resumes: The trading of chilli which had been stalled for more than a month at the Asia’s biggest chilli market in Guntur resumed on Tuesday. Meanwhile, lime traders stopped trading opposing e-NAM. They demanded that old manual style should be continued.

Trading Of Chillies Resumes – Guntur Agriculture Market Yard Introduction Of e-NAM

The chilli traders boy. cotted chilli trading opposing eNAM system from September 1 and after consultations by the officials several times, the traders resumed trading. The chilli growers are now makingabeeline to the yard to sell their produce.

trading of chillies resumes

Chilli growers P. Manikyam, W. Prasad and others said nearly 50 lakh gunny bags (each weighing 40 kg) of chillies are stocked in the cold storages in Guntur city and nearby areas due to the absence of trading for the last 35 days and that they are worried the colour of chillies might change. “If stored for long, the red colour of the chillies would become dulland it will fetchless price in the

Trading of Chillies Resumes

The farmers said that the next chilli harvest would reach the market from December end and in January, they said, adding that storing the chillies till that time would have an impact on the price. “We are happy that the trading has resumed and appeal to the marketing department officials and the government to take measures for continuing the trading under eNAM in the future.
The chilli traders said single bid process has been stopped and that multiple bids allow them to choose the desired variety and quality. “To choose from the different varieties, We have resumed trading,” they said. There are 16 varieties of red chillies like Teja, Badiga, common variety, super and others. The traders said the government should change the morms for chilli trading under eNAM to make it farmer and trader friendly.

Meanwhile, the Tenali market yard, the biggest trading centre for lime, wore a deserted look as there was no trading in protest against eNAM. AP State Rythu Sangham president Kesava Rao, lime farmers pointed out that only fine variety could be sold through eNAM.