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You can be a supporting member through your tax deductible contribution. Join today and save a part of history. Memberships are: Individual $35 per year, Family $50 per year, and Life $500. Membership entitles you to participate in all activities of the Foundation, ride free, and attend all meetings.

The Old Colony & Newport Scenic Railway
is interested in members who wish to join this educational foundation as an operating member, by learning how to operate and work around large railroad equipment. There are many volunteer members, who work on the Railroad enjoy the privileges above but without any membership dues. Most people ask if they have to be here every weekend. No! the time you have we can work it into our training and schedule. If you have the desire to work on and/or operate railroad equipment, then The Old Colony has the training program to help you master that job and function as a working volunteer at Newport. Most of the people working at the Old Colony, have other occupations that they work at such as Teachers, Technicians, UPS Drivers, Accountants, Lawyers, Students, Electronic Workers, etc. Some of our members have gone on to other railroad activities. Here are some of them: MBTA Engineer, Pan Am Engineer, New England Central RR Manager, New England Central Railroad Engineer, Hobo/Winn. RR Engineer, Naugutuck RR Engineer. Most had no or little experience when they started but developed by learning from the many proficient experienced members in the safe manner of railroading.

The National Railroad Foundation and Museum, Located in Newport RI and operator of the Old Colony & Newport Railroad, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration and operation of historic railroad equipment, and the preservation of Narragansett Bay and the surrounding environment.

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