How is HCG Drops Manufactured?

manufacture hcg

The human chorionic gonadotrophic hormone (HCG) helps in losing weight by controlling the sensation of huger. However, it is available only against a prescription and is too expensive to afford. So, drops and injections are used to utilise the benefits of these hormones without using the real hormones for the purpose. The HCG drops are revolutionary drops that use the properties of the hormone HCG along with a few other ingredients to help in losing weight. But how are these drops manufactured? What is the process involved?

The different ingredients present in the drops include active ingredients such as Proprietary HCG Complex Formula, L-Ornithin, L-Cartinine, L-Glutamine, Maca, Niacin and the likes. Inactive ingredients like water and grain alcohol are also included so that the drops can be easily transported and absorbed by the bloodstream. The amino acids used play a great role in the metabolism of fatty acids in case of the HCG drops.

The process varies from one company to the other but the basic concept is the same. The manufacturing process also depends upon the type of drops concerned. Some HCG drops are pharmaceutical and meant for keeping under the tongue before swallowing while some others are homeopathic nature.

In some brands, the HCG hormone has its fat-burning properties which are electronically imprinted onto a colloidal mineral water base. So, the hormone itself is not being used over here. The substances that are used are capable of producing the same metabolic effects as HCG.

Some other manufacturers mix HCG powder with sterile water for the purpose. Yes, HCG comes in the form of powder in different vial sizes which is mixed with nonpryogenic distilled water for the purpose. The reason for using this type of water is, it can hold the powder as a liquid solution for long. The manufacturers put this mixture into a container from where it can be used in the form of drops. The drops are manufactured in such a way that they need to be kept under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. They are provided with nutrients which when enter the bloodstream increase the level of HCG hormone in the body.

The homeopathic HCG drops use a potentizing process which is a process commonly used in homeopathy. It is basically the process of consecutive steps of dilution which turns the ratio of the main ingredient to water to as low as 1:100. As a result, the ingredient is present in very less amount in these drops. They also contain vitamin B12 added for better results.

On the contrary, the prescription HCG drops are made by keeping the ingredients in the same concentration as injections.

So, this is the whole idea involved in the manufacture of HCG drops. Those who were curious to know about it, hope we have made it clear to you.